Sunday, 31 August 2014

Lord of the rings and the hobbit inspired fashion

I was recently this past weekend made to watch the Lord of the rings trilogy back to back followed by the first to hobbit films by my boyfriend. I say made because at first I wasn't all that bothered but by the end of LOTR I was in tears and as eager as anything to watch the hobbit.

I had my fashion head on throughout and I loved the thought, care and attention to detail that went into every costume in these truly inspired movies. I have always had a vivid imagination and somehow had lost some I guess all of us do a little when we grow up but watching these films sparked a flame and now I want to read fantasy and watch fantasy.

I love fancy dress as much as the next person if not a little more. Watching LOTR and the hobbit made me think of upcoming fancy dress parties and what or who I could go as and yes I truly am geeking out at the prospect of cosplaying something spectacular for Halloween I think.

Putting fancy dress aside I thought to myself there must be a way to project these films or your love of the books without waiting for a party or event. So naturally I took to Google and looked for LOTR and Hobbit inspired fashion and outfits.

I think you can find so much out there to pay homage to a much loved story any story you hold dear to your hearts or anything in fact that you love or like. You don't even have to traul ebay for expensive cosplay costumes or clothes you can put your own twist on it with your own clothes or better yet (for a thriftaholic like me) you can get yourself down to a local thrift or charity shop and grab a bargain.

The images I found on I found to be very helpful. When I am working on a costume for something important...scratch that it doesn't even need to be important I love fancy dress that much! I print off one picture of what I need to get and one picture of how I need to look and take it with me when I shop that's my best tip.

Anyway here is the images I found to be very useful they are in no particular order and are a mix of LOTR and the hobbit.

My favourite is Tree Beard I may even dress as "him" for Halloween so watch this space!

Have a great week guys



Monday, 11 August 2014

The colours to come 2015

Autumn/Winter 2015 colours 

1. crimson
2. Cranberry
3. Teal
4. orchid
5. Honey mustard
6. Blood orange 
7. Cobalt
8. Toffee
9. Dusty rose
10. Peachy nude

I am usually a huge sucker for most colours to look at and then a total flake out when it comes to wearing some of them. I love the Teal, Orchid and Dusty rose to the best but the other colours are still gorgeous!

I think the colours that have been forecast for AW15 are beautiful and classic. Some of them are bold without being over the top or in your face and others are very romantic and muted without being seen as too girly. I really like that both Honey mustard and Toffee have made a comeback these colours are often seen not feminine enough and it really is what you do with a style or colour yourself. Like any trend a colour trend can be followed in your own way, if you are unsure about having a crack at Cobalt or or giving Teal a try then you can do so with accessories and work your way up to something more substantial once you feel confident to do so remember when it comes to fashion I like to throw the rule book out the window!

Here are some ideas of accessories that you can start of with and always remember you don't need the bank balance of a supermodel or celebrity to look like one. colour trends very often come round as often as other fashion trends so always check your local charity or thrift shops for clothes in your chosen colour or colours. 

As you can see there are so many different small and sometimes discreet ways of adding colour to your wardrobe and life. 

It looks set to be a colourful AW15!!