Monday, 11 August 2014

The colours to come 2015

Autumn/Winter 2015 colours 

1. crimson
2. Cranberry
3. Teal
4. orchid
5. Honey mustard
6. Blood orange 
7. Cobalt
8. Toffee
9. Dusty rose
10. Peachy nude

I am usually a huge sucker for most colours to look at and then a total flake out when it comes to wearing some of them. I love the Teal, Orchid and Dusty rose to the best but the other colours are still gorgeous!

I think the colours that have been forecast for AW15 are beautiful and classic. Some of them are bold without being over the top or in your face and others are very romantic and muted without being seen as too girly. I really like that both Honey mustard and Toffee have made a comeback these colours are often seen not feminine enough and it really is what you do with a style or colour yourself. Like any trend a colour trend can be followed in your own way, if you are unsure about having a crack at Cobalt or or giving Teal a try then you can do so with accessories and work your way up to something more substantial once you feel confident to do so remember when it comes to fashion I like to throw the rule book out the window!

Here are some ideas of accessories that you can start of with and always remember you don't need the bank balance of a supermodel or celebrity to look like one. colour trends very often come round as often as other fashion trends so always check your local charity or thrift shops for clothes in your chosen colour or colours. 

As you can see there are so many different small and sometimes discreet ways of adding colour to your wardrobe and life. 

It looks set to be a colourful AW15!!



Friday, 8 August 2014

Impromptu thrift spree!!

Thrift haul/look book 

I went down town today for an appointment and I had to buy shampoo for my mum and hair dye for me as a girl I met last night at a good friends pre-engagement BBQ gave me the awesome tip of putting a little of the dye in my conditioner every time and leaving in for a little while so not only does it deep condition my hair but also boosts the colour between applications. now considering I only went down to the shops for 3 things and came back with two bulging bags of clothes was a shock to me and most certainly my mother who's exact words were "Oh god what have you gone and bought now." my favourite charity shop in my local town is Cancer Research because all the clothes are £1 they are shutting for a week for a refurbishments and to cut down the stock they have to move for the builders all the clothes were 50p so I took full advantage of this and spent £3.50 I got myself some bits for my NEW JOB!!! (more to come on that little nugget of info later) and some tops I have had my eye on for weeks. 

So as I mentioned I have a new job as a telesales assistant at a local ish spa and I will be calling previous customers and also selling their unique all natural Thai and Balinese products to hairdressers, salons and spas all over the UK. Eventually once established I will be in charge of building my own telesales team I am over the moon and so excited and to think people didn't think I would land a decent job with almost pink hair...haha I did it!

My Friday thrift finds

This is my first find and I have actually been eyeing it up for about 2 weeks and no one snagged it so I knew it was fate and just had to be mine. I love how 90's it is and I have been in a real 90's vibe recently with my music, films and fashion. I have even taken to styling my hair in what I like to call the Gwen Stefani double top knot. 

The off the shoulder and peasant girl top trends have been big and continue to be big for summer 2014 and so I thought why not put my own vintish (vintage ish you heard it first here ;) hehe) twist on it. Here you can see the two different ways I will wear it off the shoulders is my favourite in all this gorgeous weather we are having. 

Examples of other peasant/off the shoulder tops courtesy of

I picked up this lovely blouse/shirt thinking about my new job but when I tried it on I loved how it looked open with a brighter coloured cami underneath so I will use it as a cover up. St Michael's is one of if not my favourite vintage brands because the designs are classic British designs that never die and the quality is second to none. I have in fact become such a connoisseur of the brand I can usually 9 times out of 10 guess if something is St Michael's before even looking at the label. The other thing I love about St Michael's is you very often find bigger sizes which comes in handy for this curvaceous girl!

Lorde, Alexa Chung and Kat Graham enjoying a vintage blouse/shirt courtesy of

I grabbed this quickly while being served because I like variety when I work in an office environment  because there is nothing worse then the same old thing when you see people on a regular basis. It is a little on the small size it fits ok but makes me look bigger at the moment and we don't want that. Its definitely 1990's from Select which I used to spend my pocket money in as a child. I liked the metallic look to it which unfortunately doesn't quite pick up on camera. Anyway I can hold this for when I have lost a little weight.

I wasn't sure this was going to fit so I did consider leaving it in the shop but it does fit and I don't think it looks too bad, what do you think? So I thought this would do on those summer nights down the beach or at a BBQ when its not cold enough for anything too thick and for those lazy days at home in the winter its really comfy and I bet it ends up in my PJ draw around October time. I just want to take this moment to do a virtual happy dance that a size 12 hoody fits me thank you previous owner for no doubt stretching it ;)

Bershka SS14 collection

I am a little obsessed with light weight and cotton trousers at the moment so when I saw these I didn't hesitate. I am a 16 on my bottom half because I have a a big bum and thighs so when I get trousers like this I usually look for an 18 so these were perfect and again 1990's St Michael's I'm on a roll! Talking of my obsession I will quickly share the two pairs I got from eBay by a seller which is local to me call Charming Magpies Vintage you can find them here as well:

This pair are a size 18-20 and fit amazingly well they are big of course but roomy enough that I can wear them all day and be comfortable. 

This pair are either 14-16 or 16-18 and are a little tight over my thighs comfort wise easily worn but its obvious they are tight so I cant wear them out just yet. They both cost around £13 each 

Here I am wearing the first pair for my most recent job interview (the one I got!!) i teamed it with my £1 blazer I snapped up at the booty, a £2 Primark top and my bargain £5 New Look sandals. So a whole outfit for £21 not bad eh :)

And another pair of cotton trousers! This pair are great because they look like jeans which used to be what I lived and died in until my last pair broke and I couldn't fix or afford to replace them. I am unsure if these are staying trousers I might make them into long denim shorts so I can get whats left of the sun to my Lily white legs and still be cool in cotton. There are tons of DIY videos and blog posts out there for that sort of thing at the moment so I will not be short of inspiration (do you like what I did there ;) hehe).

I couldn't find exactly what I am looking for but if I follow similar tutorials I am sure I will do well. 

That was my lot! Now for all you mathematical whizzes out there you will notice that doesn't add up to £3.50 well that is because I also picked up a blazer for Alex, it may be a little big but for 50p you cannot argue and alterations would be less then the blazer originally cost anyway so I say that's a winner! I won't share an image of that until he has had a chance to see it for himself. 

I feel amazing after every thrift trip I got on and to have some many in a small amount of time if my idea of bliss, once I am earning again I will re-claim my crown of thrift princess!

Have a great weekend guys