Saturday, 27 September 2014

Michaelmas 2014 thrift haul

Hey guys this a new way of doing hauls for me until I figure out why my

webcam keeps cutting out, I hope you like it. I don't get to talk or narrate

using the photo collage so far but I hope I can soon so if you have any

questions about an item just leave me a comment on here on youtube.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Friday, 26 September 2014

Halloween 2014: Insane Asylum Escapee

I don't think I van actually afford to go out this Halloween but that hasn't stopped me planning and making my costume. I am hoping that towards the 31st of October and the 1st of November I will have the money to go out with one of my best friends! Here are my plans and some tutorials.

Insane Asylum Escapee

I was inspired my Bunny Meyer AKA Grav3yard Girl (youtube) to do this costume and I wanted to keep costs down by only using what I already had in the house, it's just lucky that I am a fancy dress nut with a cupboard fill of stuff.

What you will need:

  • A old looking (granny style) nightie or a plan baggy grey dress
  • A over sized dull coloured cardigan or a lace or crochet shall
  • Tights (that you can rip)
  • Brown shoes that look vintage/old
  • A wig (that you can mess up, or messy up your own hair)
  • A doll or bear (that you can make dirty and or look creepy)
  • false nails (or your own if you lucky) that you can make look dirty and bloody

The nightie 

I bought this nightie is a massive job lot a year or so ago. It ended up costing me either 37p or 20p I cant quite remember. Someone has scissored the bottom underneath layer so The first thing to go is chop the over layer so they match and then fray the hem line. I need to rip the sleeves to make it look as if I have been running through forests and been caught on branches etc. then its just a case of ripping here and there and adding "blood" and "mud" (I have a spray bottle of blood from the 99p shop).

The lace shawl/poncho

This is a lace shawl/poncho from New Look, I thought it would be perfect and it was a gift. I may cut it so its more of a shawl and tie it at the front so it looks more authentic. I will cover this in "mud" and maybe get some leafs to attach to the lace.

The shoes and wig

the brown shoes (sorry about the picture) were £3.49 from Age UK charity shop so time ago. They fit nicely and I think its about as close as I am going to get to the theme/era. I will make these a bit muddy. In this picture you can see i have tights, these are just cheap tights so i don't mind ruining them i will cover in "mud" and "blood" and I will tear them a little.

The wig before

The wig during

The wig after

I bought this wig last year for a granny costume it cost me £6.99 from eBay I believe. I want my escapee to be young but to look as if she has gone grey before her time due to the stress and horrible conditions of the asylum. I cut the elastic band that was making the granny bun and unravelled it to reveal quite a lot of wavy hair. I was tempted to leave it like this but thought better of it. I just went for it and cut loads of messy layers some really sharp as if I have cut my own hair and I have back brushed a lot on the day (if I make it out) I will back brush it more at the back (so it looks more like bed hair) and spray it with hairspray and starch. There are loads of wig styling videos on youtube for you to watch if you need tips and ideas.

Creepy doll before

Creepy doll after 

I bought this rag doll ages ago from paperchase it was in my donate to charity pile so I didn't mind destroying it. As you can see I removed the cheerful clothing and camera to begin with. Then I cut both legs off and pulled a little stuffing out of each, I cut one arm off and did the same. I started playing around with how to do the hair I messed up and cut the hair to close to the head and made a hole so I stretched that hole to reveal lots of white stuff this was boring so i removed it all and stuffed with remaining wig hair. I then cut the eyes out and used a black biro to make a sewn up effect on her mouth. The next step is to make the doll dirty with "mud" and "blood". In photos I will be holding the doll by her own arm and staring creepily down the camera lens.

That is what I have planned so far, on Sunday I will be doing some of the ripping and tearing and I will also be having tons of fun with making my clothes and doll look dirty and blood stained.

I will show everyone how I do the next steps so keep your eyes peeled.

Happy Friday

Update and things to come

With yet another busy time and "life getting in the way" I have again forgotten to do a blogiversary party. The anniversary of my blot starting was Tuesday and it's now Friday so I only realised three days late. Anyway I may get a cake while I am out later today.

Yesterday (Thursday)  I went out with a friend from school Stacey who is also my neighbour, we haven't spent any time with each other for ages but were instantly laughing and gossipping the moment were together again. Stacey was taking me to a shop to get the things I needed for Elvis my Leopard Gecko  now I have just thought maybe I haven't mentioned Elvis on here yet, I've had him 5 months already. Anyway he has been a bit poorly and so I needed to change his tank to make him better and make him eat again. Stacey kindly offered to take me so she could get some food for her Bearded Dragons.

The day before we went I was able to book a spontaneous tattoo with someone that I have wanted to tattoo me for ages so she took me there first. I love the tattoo so much and I think I have finally found my forever tattooist. I have loads planned for him and I am sure we will be really good friends. He is nice and funny, has a relaxing and kindness about him and he's not bad looking either...but don't tell Alex I said that hehe.

Speaking of Alex, a while back he had this awesome idea for "whatever presents" so as well as presents on birthday's and Christmas we can make or buy little presents for each other and we can wrap them and be all cute about it. So every month we both get just because I love you presents. September he got Clive Robot and October (which he already knows about) he is getting a rainbow crochet blanket for his bed in the winter. 

Today (Friday) I am off down town (limping because of my new tattoo). I have an appointment and I really don't think I could walk there and back without it killing me and with my bus being only every 2 hours I must find something to do in town...I smell a mini thrift haul coming!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am off the Michaelmas fayre in my local village. I went last year and got  tons of bargains! So I am hoping to see some stuff for me and Alex tomorrow I love spoiling him! Sunday will be my lazy day and then off to Albert Road in Southsea for a thrifting trip with my good friend Phoebe who I don't get to see very often so this very long weekend of mine from Thursday-Monday is and will be perfect!

I will be back with a mini haul from today (if I find anything), a haul from tomorrow and possibly a v-log and a haul from Monday.

Have a fab weekend 

Friday, 19 September 2014

September Thrift, mens t-shirts

Hey guys please check out my little mini haul, it is not as scary as last time!


Monday, 8 September 2014

September Mini haul finds!

Mini haul time time!

So I went to my boyfriends for a few days and on my way home I had an hour to wait for a bus so I did a little thrifting and got a drink.

I dont want to blah blah on because A. I am so so tired and B. I have between 2-4 posts to write about NYFW too keep up with the promised quota. 

So I thought I would share the images promised in my youtube video which I have shared on a blogpost and that you can find here

This simply beautiful 1970's dress caught my eye straight away I mean I practically ran across the shop for it. I really love the bohemian, gypsy, hippie look and the colours are so pretty and fun! This dress is said to be a medium and stretches so it fits which made me so happy I love the sleeves and its the perfect length what else could I ask for eh. I just need to find an excuse to wear it before the cold rolls in. From Derbra £5.50

This dress is another one that fits as its stretchy but it says size 12 I almost screamed! its a good job I tried it at home otherwise I would have scared a few old ladies. The length is perfect for my body but I want to take it up to a more sort of modern take on the tea dress so thats where my mum steps in as we still haven't fixed my sewing machine. I really love the navy blue with my hair and the bright flowers are great Hibiscus are a favourite of mine. I even thought once its shortened I could wear it with tights and boots with a cardigan or jumper in the winter and with sandals when Summer comes again. From Sue Ryder £4.00

The third item is a two piece thats a bit deceiving the top fits me and looks pretty rad I love the puffy sleeves and with detailing and I love the 1990's grunge/goth style it has while still being a pretty peasant girl gypsy top. Then theres the skirt that wouldn't fit past my knees even though the top fit with room to spare...odd to me its like they are two different sizes even though they are the same make. Even odder is that the tag says 14-16 and I know vintage sizes differ but not that much generally a size 16 from the 1970's or 1980's fits me today so I am not sure if I should split them up and only wear the top or keep both wear the top till I am bored of it and sell the two piece at a later date. From Sue Ryder was £10.99 reduced to £2.00

Then I found sale rales and last chance to buy rales possibly my favourite other then vintage and retro sections. I found this top which is by Zara Man its quite small so its a little snug on me but I have started dieting and exercising very recently so I hope it won't look so bad soon. I picked it up for £1 what a bargain! Theres not much else to say about it I buy nice T-shirts to sleep in and this has barely been worn is a fantastic brand and the cotton is so soft I couldn't leave it behind.

This is another T-shirt I picked up, again a bit snug but I got it for the writing on it. Its a Kings Of Leon band tee and I love it. I like KOL but I dont love them, i have recently started listening to them again through my boyfriend and our song (in my eyes...and ears) is The Face by KOL so when I saw this top I thought of Alex and how much he means to me and really wanted it when I saw it was just £1 I freaked and got super excited. After I tried it on I did actually think I could make something with it maybe frame it and give it as a present to him or to myself hehe. At leafs with it being black it didn't show lumps and bumps too much. 

Anyway thats that for what I got today. Here is my week in pictures the Jumper I am trying on cost me £4 and I left it on a train, I keep forgetting to call the office and ask if its been handed in I was devastated!! :( 

First lot of Christmas presents wrapped

Friday Job interview 

Mini thrift trip after interview 

My cosy but now lost jumper

My new TMNT pj bottoms and my boyfriends floating foot

Cuppa soup out of my new retro take that mug

I fell in love with these pink shoes!

Time hop reminds me I haven't had a happy blog birthday party for Hayleythrills 2 years in a row

Making myself all pretty and appreciating pink hair before I have to change it 

Enjoy your week



Hayleythrills: September Mini thrift (I am not mental honest!)

Hey guys check out my latest thrift haul! even if you dont want to see what I got watch it to see how weird I am...



Saturday, 6 September 2014

Gwen Stefani returns to New York fashion week

Gwen Stefani made a triumphant return to NYFW after a three year break raising her family. She started L.A.M.B in 2003 and her first catwalk show was in 2004 a decade of success. The L.A.M.B Spring 2015 collection was presented on Friday 5th September.

The looks she showcased were young and fun with a modern tribal twist. She described her new collection as "new nomad." I

I loved the bright colours, oranges and pinks are the best especially mixed with the graphic prints and flushed almost paint stroke lines.The contrasts of sophisticated tailoring with colorful Native American touches is both clever and fresh.

I loved the almost futuristic shoes with their almost lustrous metallic features. The decent sized bags in complimenting colours add to the look of modern, fun cosmopolitan girl on the run.

The images I have found are all courtesy of

Have a good weekend