Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hello blog world!

I have been neglecting you again haven't I, what a surprise! I now have working technology that allows me to keep up to date with you guys!

I have been taking a bit of a break from fashion writing online and from my youtube channel but I am getting back on track. It's all been very hectic in my life recently but I am now hoping it will soon calm down enough for me to write more.

I am here to stay guys!!

I have recently been to London for a week (well nearly a week) with my friends and we had an amazing time I got some great bits from the east end thrift store Rokkit and a few stores in Camden market. Pop by my Facebook to check out my spoils here:

Posts will be a lot more exciting soon I do promise! But here's some images to keep you going ;) some fashion and some random!!

Have a good rest of week

Monday, 13 January 2014

Hayleythrills: Check out my new thrift haul!!

I had so much fun thrifting today but I totally tired myself out! I am going to have a me day 2moro with a lay in, a day spent in bed updating paper work and categorising all my stock and maybe a soppy film!!

My best friend and I are viewing flats soon so we can move out and be independent we will still be able to save as well so things are looking good. great in fact!!

In fact Jobe planted the seed of short films in my head. I think he is an amazing talent and I cannot wait to do all this super cool projects with him.I like having shared projects and personal projects so I may have a wee dabble myself. I have been looking for 216 Kodak films for my vintage instamatic 77-X but they are so expensive! I want to push my boundaries and spread my creative wings this year.

Anyway guys I hope you like my video, it is a little long but I saved the best till last so make sure you watch it all the way through. Just 9 more views until I can make a cake...HAPPY 1000 VIEWS HAYLEYTHRILLS :D

Have a fab week!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hayleythrils: My week in Instagram pictures 1

My week in Instagram pictures

This is the beginning of a new series if you will. I had the idea not only an hour ago (do I sound posh today?) I've not long finished watching Saving Mr Banks it was such a loverly film!! Ok, Ok so the idea is every Saturday or Sunday I will upload and talk about all the Instagram images from that week they will run from Saturday-Saturday or Sunday-Sunday! That means people get to see what I am up to and what amuses me! I will also be making this a YouTube series so check that out too my commentary is usually quite funny especially when I mess up a little! Right so here goes here are my first images...

1. I had my nails done at the salon before Christmas they were burgundy and tartan I loved them! After a while they looked messy and I was getting bored it was before payday so I decided to remove the colour myself and pain them gold.
2. I bought these gorgeous midi rings because my last lot were far too big I loved how much they went with my new gold nails and they were a steal at only £1.09 for 9 pcs from Ebay.

3. I made this Yaki Soba one day in the week (don't ask which one they seem to merge into one giant day sometimes perhaps Monday or Tuesday). I text my mum to say I had made it and she text back saying she didn't fancy it so I ate half of it for lunch while watching Eat, Pray, Love that film makes me so hungry!! I ate the other half for dinner and quite enjoyed it nom nom.
4. That same afternoon after lunch I watched Funny Face. There is a scene in Eat, Pray, Love where a really cool foreign version on S'wonderful S'marvelous is playing and that made me want to watch funny face again. This film is the reason and possibly the only reason I grew up wanting to be a fashion photographer. I remember watching it as a child between 7 and 9 and I said that's what I want to be my mum thought I meant model but no I wanted to make those wonderful images!

5. This is me trying on a wig that my friend gave me. It is in fact bright orange but with lighting and editing I think I have made it look red-pink. She bought it for a poison Ivy costume but didn't like it and was throwing it in the bin when I said I would have it for my fancy dress wardrobe. Its a horrible synthetic thing but I love how it looks in this picture especially with my favourite vintage scarf.
6. This as you can see as plain as day is a pint of coke. I have given up drink for my New Years resolution and to help me save money. This was the ultimate test a night down the pub with my best mate who has also given up drinking. You will be happy to know that we managed from 6:30pm-11pm and drank cokes all night, is it strange that I am proud of myself?

7. This is a selfie I sent a friend when I got in from the pub, I don't know what a picture of my face would prove but she didn't believe that I didn't drink, some friend lol. I particularly like the editing because my eyes look greener but saying that my eyes change colour when I am drunk (which I wasn't) or I am happy which I was :D
8. Still the same night I couldn't sleep and I didn't all night I think it was the caffeine in the cokes that did it (and symptoms of my condition). So I cracked on with some work at Hayleythrills HQ which is what I call my mini office space, I got so much done for my freelance work which will make next week easier especially if I get any worse and I cut my "watch it later" playlist on YouTube right down!
9. So like I said I didn't and couldn't sleep ALL NIGHT!! :( I was dizzy if I even attempted to lay down and I had almost crippling pain in  my head, neck and ear which comes and goes. During spates of less pain I tidied my office space, my creation/entertainment station (all on one ikea unit due to lack of space) and my book shelf. I cleared my wardrobe out and now have tidy bags, shoes and clothes. The picture shows the stuff I am getting rid of all over my floor that was on Thursday it is now nearly Sunday and the pile of rubbish on my floor has grown, I refuse to finish the job until I am up to it.
10. Still, still the same night (you can tell I was bored). while tidying I found a load of craft stickers and embellishments my mum got me for my photography to decorate people's photo albums and make them more personal. The red love hearts are gorgeous and the lamp I have says love on the stand so I thought it would go great. The next day my mum spotted it and thought it was brilliant.
11. I have been way too tired since that night and not sleeping well again last night so I took less pictures than I usually do. While tidying Thursday night I found this I forgot I had it I stuck it to the wall above my desk all I need now is a Q and I am set!
12. This is a close up of the sequins and beads of a French Connection dress I am selling I just think the detail is amazing and if I could fit in it I would be in it right now! If anyone reading is interested in this I do have better pictures and you can get in touch via my business email

13. These are images from a beat up old 1970's book I bought from the library when they have their giant sale of ex rental books. I came across these and knew I had the perfect frames. The images are vintage Woolworths make up adverts I know this because the first thing ever vintage thing I sold online via my Facebook shop was a vintage A4 sized version of the one on the left (I think I am hopeless with L&R). I lost them for ages because my room was such a state and was chuffed to find them again.
14. This last image is of my new camcorder that I got for Christmas her name is Bernadette! She died as I was filming My week in Instagram pictures for YouTube. She should be all charged soon so check out that video like i said commentary is usually funny!
Hope you like my new series
Enjoy what's left of the weekend

Hayleythrills: Plans, plans and more plans!


I already feel like it has been an age since I actually sat down and wrote a blog post...sorry! I have been super busy and then my laptop went a bit insane. I filmed my Christmas Haul which you can watch at but somewhere between editing and uploading to youtube it lost it's sound I probably should have filmed it again or at least re-edited it with narration but I must admit I really could not be arsed! HAHA sorry but you can still see the presents and stuff it just happened at a bad time for me.

Since then I have been suffering with my condition, I go through phases where I am a lot worse then usual these can last from 3 or 4 days or up to a few months so I am on major tenterhooks and trying to focus on making sure I am well while trying not to think about it too much. This is why my blog, channel and freelance fashion writing are a godsend they really give me something to focus on while I am unwell and not working. speaking of which I have decided condition or not I am going to go back to work ASAP after my next hospital appointment because I am fed up of not having any money to thrift or go out places. I am also going stir crazy at home and need something to get up for every day.

Ok so my first plan is pretty simple. I have changed who I am for various reasons and sort of hide the real me away a little. I hate that I did that so the plan is not to. I will wearing what I want experimenting with fashion and rediscovering my own style. I promised myself I would wear more colour and that I would start to buy key pieces for my wardrobe so that eventually (but hopefully not too long) my entire wardrobe will be vintage! That is what I have always wanted but I let people put me off the idea and push me in another direction. This lady is now well and truly not for pushing!!! Here are some images of me recently to show my steps into fashion and style freedom if you will.

My second plan is to get a job I was signed off work and out on ESA because I couldn't work due to my ill health so I really need to be careful and my mum suggested part time to ease me in. She even said if I want to do something other than be at home while I am off maybe I should volunteer again and I will be going back to Salvation Army to volunteer while I look for part time work.

My next plan is to save save save over the next year or more (hence another reason I need a job) and love away. Me and my best friend Jobe have both dreamed of living in Brighton since forever and when we both realised we had a shared dream to talked about it and it seemed perfect. Here are some images of me and my boy Jobe!

We have plans for our life and are both deadly serious about seeing them through, I love how he motivates me to actually do something about my pipe dreams and go for it! I love him and tell him everyday I have never had a friend quite like him. The plan we have at the moment is however quite realistic considering we are both such dreamers. We will be saving as much as we possibly can over the next year and in February 2015 we will review how much we have and then look into the rental prices then because so much can change, if we need longer to save then so be it. Both of us have given up drink for our new years resolution so when we go out it is much cheaper and we are actually cutting down the amount we go out too because taxi's and late night ferries rack up spendage too! Jobe works full time so at the moment will have more to save than I will so I am making up my side of things by saving my ESA (after I have paid my mums rent of course) and saving all moneys I make from selling vintage.

Which brings me neatly onto another plan! I have sold vintage on eBay but I totally hate paying fees it ruins it for me because I'm so greedy I want all the dollar! LOL I still have a page on Facebook but despite my trying it still is not reaching my demographic and is stuck at a measly 28 likes when my old Facebook page had 60 something. So I decided to open an Etsy store it is still in planning stages at the moment but I do my first photo-shoot in 3 days time and hopefully before February will have it up and running.

This next one is still in pipe dream status and I am not sure I can upgrade it to plan stratus on my own. It has always been in the back of my mind to have a little store or boutique but business minded I aint! I also have no start up money and am atrocious at the mathematics so rubbish in fact I had to spell check the word mathematics!! I have over the last week been thinking about it more and think it would be something that I can work towards to do in Brighton, me and Jobe would have to get jobs their anyway so why not put as much effort as I can into opening my own vintage shop. At least then I will be doing something I love and have a huge amount of passion for. So far I have nothing written down or planed because the idea of writing a business plan completely terrifies me...HELP?

This last one is just for fun. I love fancy dress and I go to nights out and parties that are fancy dress a lot I am always making my own costume or piecing it together from charity shops. I watched a YouTuber called all dolled up do a Ziggy stardust tutorial the other night check it out! now I am 95% sure the next fancy dress night I go to I will be Ziggy and I will rock that look for sure!!

Lets hope and pray all my plans pay off and if there is any advice tips or help any of you can give me I will really appreciate it!!

Thanks for reading

Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas haul from a happy girl




I wanted to share my "what I got for Christmas 2013" video from YouTube but its taking an impossibly long time to upload and I am super impatient so check out my channel in all its glory.

I had a really nice Christmas with my family and we lorded it up on Christmas day in our tacky jumpers at Old Thorns country manor and golf club in Liphook I do believe. It was amazing the food was so lavish and the champagne bar was not only swish it was playing breakfast at Tiffany's on the big screen.

So all in all I had a crowded, warm, cosy and manic loverly Christmas. and you can see everything that I got from my wonderful family and friends when you pop into YouTube.

New years Eve

New Years Eve is tomorrow and I have been looking forward to a fancy dress party at my friends Rik and Cindy's. The theme is Superheroes and Villains. Unlike me I only got my costume sorted today usually I am all ready for a fancy dress party weeks in advance!

Today on my way to visit my nan I took quite the tumble on a dodgy bit of pavement outside the local co-op I hobbled back inside to the pharmacy had a sit down and got myself together. the staff were really nice but true to form tried to sell me pain meds and an ankle strap. I have all that stuff at home so I politely declined then walked to my nans in great pain.

I don't know whether I will be able to go to the party or not yet as my ankle is very swollen and painful and I am only on foot so would be walking to and from the party...great timing eh!

I received a message on the 27th on YouTube from a fellow fashionista and beauty blogger wishing to collaborate with me. She hopes to do more in 2014 and wondered if  I would like to do a video with her at some point. I jumped at that because anything I can do to be more successful is great for me. She didn't stop there. After my reply she mentioned our collaboration in a post on Tumblr and on a video also asking for people to subscribe to my channel and since then (27th December) I have had 117 new subscriptions which brings my grand total up to 135 subscribers. I am so happy as this is the great surge I need to get me going as a new year begins.

I don't wish to upset anyone but I am afraid that 2014 is my year!

Look how much I have changed throughout 2013!!

Have a happy, fun and safe New Years Eve



Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My top 10 fashion crushes!

I have made a top 10 list of the vintage/modern things I crush hard on. The link to this post will be sent to those friends and family still struggling on last minute Christmas presents.

1. Mom jeans (and yes I do actually pronounce it mom)

I watched a lot of television on the 1990's and I used to love watching UK TV Gold with my dad. I remember thinking how cool everyone looked. The people that really stick in my mind and began my love of mom jeans are; Kelly Bundy (Married with children), Kelly Kapowski (Saved by the bell), Rachel Monica and Phoebe (Friends) and Debbie Thornberry (The wild Thornberries).

2. 1990's/1980's blouses
I love the different colours, patterns and styles you can get in vintage blouses and my favourites are from the 1980's and the 1990's I generally do pretty well finding these while I am thrift/charity shopping but I hardly ever get one on my size. My latest beaut will be shown in a look book which I am doing on Thursday. The people that really stick in my mind are Clarissa Darling (Clarissa explains it all, Will (The fresh prince of Bel Air) and Screech (Saved by the bell). I love wearing and taking inspirations from both men's and women's fashions when it comes to blouses and shirts.

3. Vintage midi skirts
I am constantly told I should not wear midi skirts as I am very short but I don't like to follow rules especially those to do with fashion. If I look ridiculously stupid in something I am not going to wear it but I don't think I look so bad in a midi skirt. I like to wear them but trainers like plimsolls or high tops, ankle boots or creepers. I never wear them with heels as I think that looks silly on me. I think of a really cool neighbour we used to have that used to wear midi floral skirts crop tops and lace up boots, very 90's grunge I wonder what happened to her and wish I had a photo. Also Topanga (Boy meets world) comes to mind.

4. Vintage oversized sweater
I pretty much love all things that are oversized enough to look cool but not too much that it makes me look bigger than I am. Again like the 80's/90's blouses and shirts I love the colours and patterns of vintage oversized jumpers. In my eyes for something to be truly oversized it should be men's because they fir boxier and I love that! if you don't like men's then you just need to find a size that looks good on you I am a 14-16 and I wear 18-20 or 20-24 sometimes even size 16 looks oversized one especially in the charity shops so its worth a rummage and a shop floor fashion show. I think of Carlton (Fresh prince of Bel Air) but I couldn't find the perfect picture and Zac (Saved by the bell).
5. 90's mini backpacks (mini and normal sized)
I prefer to carry rucksacks or backpacks because if I have a lot to carry I don't get a strain on one shoulder like I do with a handbag or cross body bag. I love black ones and I recently bought one for £1 from the charity shop you can check out my latest thrift haul on to see that and my other bargains. This is my childhood basically I used to have all sorts of cute backpacks. I think of Cher and Dionne from Clueless both film and TV show, although the tv show characters used a lot of cuddly toy rucksacks.

6. 90's slip dress
I wrote a post recently for Birthday Magazine about camisole/slip dresses which you can read here: I love how simple slip dresses can be and yet how cool they look! I think slip dresses are the epitome of 90's grunge! I would style mine (not managed to find the right one at the right price yet) with a pretty shirt underneath or a check shirt over and open, long socks, chunky boots, mini backpack, a beanie and to top it off a gold chain, perfection!! I think of many women that have influenced my fashion sense/style and life Drew Barrymore, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Courtney Love, Kate moss, Jenifer Aniston and Fairuza Bulk. Of course there are many more that have influenced me over the years especially in the 1990's.


 7. 80's/90's high tops
When I think of high tops I instantly think 90's it reminds me of fame although on close inspection none of them wore high tops from what I can see. I like to wear mine with leggings think chunky socks and oversized tops or jumpers. I have a pair of vintage purple Reebok ones that were steal for £4.99 on Ebay a few years back. I don't have an picture of mine on this computer at the moment, so here is one I found on I love mine so much!!
High tops are comfy, cool and can make any outfit seem retro without even trying this is why they are a staple in my wardrobe. I will be wearing my 90's Reebok's till they fall off me. I think of the 90's in general and hip hop bands like Tribe called quest, Naughty by nature and De la soul but for some reason couldn't find any images of them in high tops. I also think of Will (Fresh prince of Bel Air), TLC (the girl group) and Wayne and Garth from Wayne's time, excellent!

8. vintage denim jackets (mainly 90's...again!)
The denim jacket is and always has been (since as far back as a lot of people can remember) a staple for almost everyone's wardrobes. I find it so hard getting hold of the perfect denim jacket that's reminiscent of the 1980's or 1990's, vintage denim costs a lot sometimes, charity shops rarely get the style and want and don't even get me started on the one I fell in love with in Urban Outfitters, I still cry at the numbers on that particular price tag! I have the colour denim I want but not the style or size I have seen a men's one with a bobbly fur collar that reminds me of the 90's in Primark but they never have any mediums when I go in there and the smalls too small and the large is, you get me! I think of many people in particular a lady that my mum used to childmind for, I cant remember her name but her daughter was Rachel I think and this was in the 90's. She had massive Bonnie Tyler blonde hair and always wore a long sleeve top that was off the shoulders and an oversized denim coat/jacket. I also think of Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Zak (Saved by the bell) and I stumbled across this image of Debbie Gibson I had to remember who she was but I loved the jacket.


9. check/plaid shirts

I am transported into 90's grunge mode whenever I see or wear a plaid shirt. There are so many ways to style and wear a plaid shirt too. I like to wear it done all the way up to the top with a gold chain or perhaps a brooch, I like wearing it open like a light weight jacket and a tank or cami underneath and I like wearing it around my waist just for the hell of it! There is a new super cool way to wear it which is set to be big for spring 2014 and that is doing it up at the very top and wearing it open I wrote a post on this for Birthday Magazine also a day or so ago pop onto and check it out once its uploaded. Here is a sneak preview from designers Alexander Wang and Rodarte.

I love this extra long plaid shirt (dress possibly worn open) that Tamera Foster a contestant of Xfactor 2013 is wearing. I love the styling!

Again many people come to mind for me because this style of shirt was very big in the 1990's and was seen in many TV shows and movies. but here is a small (ish) list of who I took inspiration from Brittany Murphy, Jeremy London, Kurt Kobain (of course he is the father of grunge after all), Drew Barrymore, Sister sister TV show (both of them wore check shirts at one time or another) and basically the whole cast of My so called life with focus on Claire Danes and Jared Leto.


10. 90's chunky boots or shoes

So you may have noticed a theme here. No? ok I will tell's the 90's I didn't actually realise how much I love the 90's and how much it inspires and influences my fashion today. It was then that I watched my own TV programmes such as Clueless, Sister sister, Clarissa explains it all, Moesha, Sabrina the teenage witch I used to love sitting down to watch these and tons more! I would base my style as I grew up and evolved on characters from these kinds of shows. I didn't realise then just how my chunky shoes (hand-me-downs from my aunt) would be exactly what I want today! and my feet have been the same size since I was 11 so if they were never chucked out how great would that be!! My aunt sticks in mind for chunky shoes and sandals. I am sure there are so many people, films or TV shows I can think of for this but when it comes to chunky footwear only one example will really do and that's The Spice Girls.
As you can see I love fashion and I love the 90's I am now going to get myself onto YouTube and watch a few episodes of my favourite childhood shows. I hope you enjoyed my top 10 and an insight into what inspires and influences me and my childhood :D
Make sure you enjoy the
rest of your week thrillies